When do I need to present my ID document?

Learn about furnishing your ID document/personal details.

You are required to render your personal information if your transaction is above RM 3,000 in order to satisfy the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirement. Identity card or passport and information such as the purpose of your exchange will be needed for verification. When the transaction is RM 10,000 and above, thumbprint verification is needed for Malaysians and/or ID documents will be copied for foreigners, to satisfy the Enhanced Customer Due Diligence (ECDD) requirement. The directive on this can be found in AML/CFT – MSB (Sector 3). E-Globex appreciates your full cooperation as all personal details are solely for internal record and will be kept private and confidential as per Personal Data Protection Act.

Is it secured to disclose my information to E-Globex?

You are protected by PDPA!

E-Globex is fully complied to Personal Data Protection Act 2010 which we are not allowed to disclose information of our customers to unaffiliated third parties without obtaining your consent (You can find the Privacy Notice at any of our branch).

We value the trust of our customers and are committed to protect your personal data and ensure that your personal data is used solely for the purposes of:

  • Identification and verification of your identity;
  • To respond to any queries or complaints you may have about our services;
  • To be retained for the use of your future transactions with us;
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

What should I do if my banknote is a counterfeit?

Counterfeit Banknotes Handling

E-Globex is fully committed in providing genuine banknotes to customers. We have been using the most advanced counterfeit detection machines complement with internal Cash Handling Policies & Procedures to guide our staff in counterfeit detection; which the possibility of E-Globex serving counterfeit banknotes to the public is extremely rare hence negligible.

However, in the event that E-Globex finds out that the banknote received from customer was counterfeit, we reserve the right to retain the counterfeit as it is illegal to return the counterfeit banknotes. The directive on this and action to be taken on counterfeit handling can be found in Bank Negara Malaysia’s website.

What to do if I found out my transaction is wrong?

E-Globex’s Transaction Cancellation Policy

You can request for transaction cancellation and get full refund, provided you have NOT left the money changing counter. E-Globex practises Non-Cancellation Policy (you can find the notice at all the premises) after customers leave the counter.

Gentle reminder, you should check and confirm everything before you leave the counter!

Are the rates on website/rate board representing the final price?

What you must know about currency rates quoted by money changers

You are strongly advised that currency rates can be volatile throughout the day. As such, please note that rates displayed at the website/rate board of the premises of E-Globex should NOT be taken for a ‘final or guaranteed price’ as they can be subjected to changes without prior notice. E-Globex at any point is at liberty to offer more or less as warranted by the business situation.

You need to understand that the rates quoted by money changers are not only determined by live interbank rates which changes according to market conditions but also local demand and supply of each currency.

What should I do to avoid discrepancy?

You should check the money received against your receipt.

You should ensure that you receive the right amount and change if any, as stated in the receipt before leaving any of the money changing counter. E-Globex has displayed notices at all of our branches to inform customers of such initiative. Failure in doing so and realised that there are discrepancies after you have left the counter, the company shall NOT held responsible of any resulted losses.

Will all of my transactions be issued a receipt?

Receipts should be requested for all transactions.

You are advised to request for receipts after you have completed your transactions. The receipt should contain the details of the particular money changer and the transaction. You may find the directive from MSB Act 2011 & Guideline on Governance and Operational Requirement on Conduct of MSB. Please note that mere calculator printouts should NOT be accepted and you should insist for official receipts. Official receipts will be useful in case of any disputes between the money changer and the customer.