When do I need to give my ID document?

Learn about furnishing your ID document/personal details.

You are required to render your personal information if you transact above RM 3,000 in order to satisfy the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) requirement. We will need your identity card or passport for verification, and information such as the purpose of your exchange. When the transaction is RM 10,000 and above, thumbprint verification is needed for Malaysians and/or ID documents will be copied for foreigners, to satisfy the Enhanced Customer Due Diligence (ECDD) requirement. The directive on this can be found in AML/CFT – MSB (Sector 3). E-Globex appreciates your full cooperation as all personal details are solely for internal record and will be kept private and confidential as per the Personal Data Protection Act.


January 2008 –  Established & headquartered in  Kepong, started as a Class C Licensed Money Changer.

March 2013 –  Granted Class D license by BNM to conduct Wholesale Currency Business. At the same time, E-Globex set up first branch in Berjaya Time Square, Level 7.

August 2013 – New branch established in Puchong.

December 2015 – Extended money changing services to North & East Malaysia by opening new branches in Ipoh & Kota Kinabalu.